NHS Winter Guard

About Winter Guard

The Nutley High School Winter Guard, established in 2003, boasts an impressive track record of accomplishments in the tri-state area. Notably, they clinched the title of 2007 Musical Arts Conferences Scholastic AAA Champions and secured the Scholastic AAA Bronze Medalists position in the MAIN circuit back in 2003.

Currently, the guard actively participates in the highly competitive Mid-Atlantic Indoor Network (MAIN) circuit. Their dedication and skill have propelled them to Scholastic Regional A in 2022, and subsequently to the Scholastic AA competition class in 2023.

Distinguishing itself from traditional color guard, the winter guard showcases its talent indoors, typically in a gymnasium or an indoor arena. Instead of relying on a live band or orchestra, performances are accompanied by recorded music, adding a unique element to their routines.

Winter guard ensembles frequently take part in judged competitions, overseen by local and regional associations. These competitions adhere to criteria established by Winter Guard International, ensuring fair and standardized evaluations.

Competition Results

2022 Competition Schedule and Results - Scholastic Regional AA

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