Fundraiser Types

The Nutley Music Boosters organizes various fundraisers throughout the school year, including student fundraising account fundraisers and general fundraisers.

Some of these fundraisers contribute to the NMBA general fund, which covers operating costs and provides scholarship money. On the other hand, certain fundraisers are designed to help your child accumulate funds in their student fundraising account. These funds can then be utilized to offset expenses such as annual fees and costs associated with trips.

Student Fundraising Accounts

NMBA offers Student Fundraising Accounts to help Nutley music students cover some of the expenses associated with participating in music at John H. Walker Middle School and Nutley High School. These accounts are managed by the Music Boosters Treasurer and only students who have taken part in the designated fundraising activities will be included in the Student Account spreadsheet.

Our music students have the chance to participate in various student account fundraisers, with the most common ones being ShopRite/Stop and Shop gift cards, RaiseRight gift cards, Gertrude Hawk Chocolate Bars, Seasonal Plant Sales, Krispy Kreme, and Somers27. A portion of the sales made by the student is credited to their Student Fundraising Account.

The Student Fundraising Account is designated solely for music-related expenses. These expenses encompass a variety of activities and items, including but not limited to:

It is important to note that Student Account funds CANNOT be used for non-music related trips or expenses. However, if a parent is an approved, official paying chaperone for a music-related trip, they can use funds from their child's account to cover the required costs of attending the trip. Discretionary expenses on music-related trips, however, cannot be covered by Student Account funds.

In the event that a student has a sibling currently attending John H. Walker Middle School or Nutley High School, the funds in their Student Account can be transferred to their sibling, upon graduation. However, this transfer can only take place if the parent or guardian of the student submits a written request. Any funds that are not used during the student's time at Nutley High School or transferred to a sibling will be allocated to NMBA's "Student-in-Need" fund upon the student's graduation.

If you have any questions regarding Student Accounts or would like more information, please feel free to contact Teresa Boniila, Treasurer at

"Student in Need" Fund / Financial Assistance

In January 2021, the Membership voted to create a "Student in Need" fund.  It is the Nutley Music Boosters Association goal to provide an opportunity for every student to participate in the Nutley music program. When the need arises, financial assistance may be available to every student when based on a recommendation by the Director of Bands, Choir and/or Orchestra and reviewed by the Executive Board.